Tracey Bonneau, President

Of the Land Productions Inc

Of the Land Productions Inc. (OLP) is an independent aboriginal production company wholly owned and operated by Tracey Kim Bonneau. OLP produces documentaries with a reputation of delivering international award winning stories. The principle and CEO Tracey Kim Bonneau is a professional writer with 20 years of in-depth knowledge, as a journalist in print, radio and television. OLP is in the business of producing quality mainstream television projects. OLP sets a standard of excellence in the film & television training industry. OLP develops and curates innovative digital multi-media projects. OLP is producing a 13 part travel documentary series to air on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network in 2013. In this series, QUEST outWEST – Wild Food Host Tracey Kim Bonneau takes viewers on a savory visual feast of traditional foods from the wild side of the Okanagan. Tracey goes out on the land to explore her culinary roots in the pristine and stunning settings where her ancestors have co-existed with this land for over 10,000 years.