The Committee

The PIBDC EAC Committee consists of:

▾PIB Chief
▾ Greg Gabriel – PIB Band Administrator
Greg Gabriel currently holds the position of Band Administrator for the Penticton Indian Band, the position he has held for the past 24 years. In his capacity as Band Administrator, he is responsible for overseeing the management of 20 Band Programs and Services, and the co-ordinating and supervising the work of 52 professional and ancillary workers. In addition he is responsible to the Penticton Band Council for the administration of an annual budget of approximately $9.7 million, and carrying out the duties and responsibilities as required by Band Council relating to community affairs. Greg Gabriel is also currently serving his 4th year term as Board Member for All Nations Trust Company (ANTCO), and holds an ex-officio board member position with the Penticton Indian Band Development Corporation (PIBDC).
▾ PIB Lands Manager
▾  PIBDC Board Director/ PIB Chief Financial Officer
▾ Chris Gibbons – Westhills Aggregates General Manager
Chris Gibbons graduated with a Business Administration Diploma from Okanagan University College in 2005 and completed his Bachelor of Business Administration from Okanagan College / University of British Columbia Okanagan in 2007, with a focus in finance.

Chris began working with the Penticton Indian Band in 2005 when they purchased Coyote Cruises, where he was the Finance Manager for three years. Chris has held other positions within the Penticton Indian Band such as Administration Assistant for the PIB Development Corporation, Interim General Manager for the PIB Development Corporation, and Finance Manager for Westhills Aggregates. Chris has been General Manager of Westhills Aggregates since 2009.

▾ Jeanie Lanine – PIB In-house Legal Counsel
Jeanie’s focus is on providing practical and strategic legal advice to assist First Nations with short and long-term sustainable economic and community development goals.Jeanie is very active in the field, and acts as a facilitator and curriculum developer for the Aboriginal Financial Officer’s Association of BC in the areas of employment, governance, policy development, strategic planning and economic development.

Jeanie is legal counsel for a number of First Nations in British Columbia and acts as contract in-house legal counsel for the Penticton Indian Band one week per month.

Jeanie is a past contributing editor to the taxation section of Native Law, one of the most widely used Aboriginal Law texts in Canada. Jeanie is also a former BC Supreme Court law clerk.

▾ Chris Scott – PIBDC Project Consultant
Chris Scott has worked with First Nations on economic development for over 15 years and is well known for his role in the success of the Osoyoos Indian Band Development Corporation, where he served as COO.



▾ Lesley Gabriel – PIBDC
In 2007, Lesley took on her role as Economic Business Development Officer with PIBDC where she is the main point of contact for all business opportunities on Penticton Band land. She has her Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Business Operation & Logistics and a minor in Information Technology. Lesley also holds an Associate Degree in Project Management.
EAB Committee

Back row: Chris Gibbons, Chris Scott, Jonathan Kruger (Former), Bill Joyner (Former), Greg Gabriel
Front row: Lesley Gabriel, Jeanie Lanine, April Gabriel